Post Natal Pilates classes

About Post Natal Pilates

Following pregnancy and child birth a great number of changes happen to the body and mind. The new mother can often feel like her body is no longer something she is familiar with and the way it moves is different too. The baby is always the focus and care for the mother can be neglected. To meet this need a specific class is being offered to new mothers at Body of Work. Tanya Houpt of Insite will begin a series of classes specifically tailored to mums from 6 weeks post delivery.

To begin you will have an individual session with Tanya. This session will be to discuss your goals and cover Core education; the fundamentals of Pilates and adapting exercises if necessary.
You can then access your personalised exercises online and attend a weekly small group session that is specific to post-natal needs, has a rehabilitative focus and uses evidenced based research.

The weekly group class will be on Tuesday mornings at 9:30am and baby is welcome also (up to 6 months of age)
Mats will be provided


Benefits of post natal Pilates

- Great total body conditioning system
- Provides a great transition into your previous activities
- Provides true core training
- General strength and toning
- Reduce pain in the lower back and lumbo-pelvic region
- DRA correction (split rectus muscle)
- Spine and hip stabilisation
- It is a ‘no impact’ form of exercise (i.e. no jumping)


Initial individual session - $70
Group session (10 classes) - $170
Casual group session - $20

Special Introductory Offer - an individual session + 6 group sessions for only $160
Offer only available until 20th March 2019

Book online or contact Tanya at or 0274435293