Upcoming Event - Massage Self Care Workshop


Massage Self Care Workshop

We all experience aches and pains from time to time. Most are minor and can be improved with some soft tissue techniques and movement. Using these techniques can also help to maintain your body between massage treatments.

Come along and join the Body of Work team of Massage Therapists for an informative evening on Monday 8th April at 7-8:30pm. You will learn some practical skills to use on yourself or with family and friends. We will show you how to safely use a foam roller and massage ball, learn some acupressure points for your general wellbeing, and try some massage techniques. Bring a friend along to try your new skills out on each other.

We will be offering some great self care tips and discuss ways to keep you in optimal health.

Monday 8th April at 7-8:30pm
Held at Body of Work
4 Market Grove, Lower Hutt

Cost: $15 per person or bring a
friend and save!
2 for $25 (must register together)