Finding our Inner Child

The brain really is a wonderful tool. From the very beginning, it stores all the information it can. It sorts and filters and prioritises, it makes decisions based on its past observations and it tries to accurately predict the future. So you see it makes sense that our early learning colours all that comes after. 

We learn to look after ourselves by watching how we are, and were, looked after. The pattern for our attitude towards ourselves is set quite early in our lives and all opinions after that are usually just put in on top of that initial belief.

We can be quite unaware of our filtering system. Learning about our inner child is a way of understanding how the brain works, why confusion arises and why our feelings sometimes don't make sense. This is a tool for coping with everyday life or making changes. 

Here is an example of early childhood learning

"If I'm very very good I make them happy. If I do what they want they seem to love me more. Therefore if someone loves me, it makes sense to always do what they want." 

Understanding our Inner child is a way of understanding how our brain tries to help us by using stored information. We can learn a way to change our thinking and feelings if we want to, that really works. 

Being reminded of the child inside us is really interesting and it can be fun too. And if you are feeling negative towards the child-like parts of yourself this too can change.

Athena from Body of Work will be running a workshop on Sunday 27 May at 1pm to show you how you learn how to listen to your inner child and discover how it is impacting on your self-talk. Please register by email to