The Many Doors to Wellbeing — Part 4: Restoration

Sometimes the most effective way to increase your sense of wellbeing is to let go of old ways of thinking about life and thinking about ourselves. Realising the expectations and judgements we are holding is a key in this task.

Here’s an example from Athena, Body of Work’s Counselling Psychologist:

“One belief I had was that older people are boring! No wonder I didn't want to get older. So I've decided to let go of that belief and let a new one in: being older is so much more fun, the wisdom and acceptance of life's processes that have come with time are such a gift. It makes me feel more relaxed and happier than ever before … There how's that for a belief?”

Our brains are like incredible machines designed specifically to serve us and help us in life. To this end, they store vast amounts of information and make lots of decisions. Most of this is done automatically and unconsciously (i.e., without awareness of what's going on — driving a car would be impossible if we had to think about every little step). But some of what is done automatically is learned earlier in life and it might not be helpful now. By becoming more aware of patterns or habits there is immediately an opportunity to change if desired. It might require some hard work and time, but it can happen!

Rehabilitation is the process of restoration — of restoring the body to its optimum performance (whatever that is for you) — can be approached a variety of ways. Despite changes over time, the obvious or the invisible, and despite sometimes a sense of helplessness, our team are here to help you with this.  

When you become involved with us at Body of Work you have the opportunity to develop your skill base, gain insights and learn techniques that are empowering and life-changing. Prepare to be amazed!!! It is possible to create change no matter how big or small. It can be both challenging and exciting. You may even have a little fun too!

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