The Many Doors to Wellbeing - Part 1: Optimising Physical Function

Welcome to Body of Work and our first official blog post! We have come together as a group of health professionals because we all feel passionate about Wellbeing — the greatest sense of wellbeing possible on any particular day, for everyone, for anyone.

Improved wellbeing, that is our goal. We all believe the achievement of this is increased by having different practitioners with different abilities all working together. What works for one person might not work for another. And what you need now will probably change over time. 

Of course, talking about Wellbeing is a huge thing. We are talking about quality of life, optimising our physical function, being able to do daily tasks, to continue to participate in the things that are important to us and dealing with life’s everyday stresses with grace and humour. We are also talking about loving; being able to love ourselves and those around us as much as we can and as much as we want to. 

If WELLBEING was a room then imagine there are many doors to enter by. 

As Part One of this series, let's explore a real example: Optimising Physical Function. This is how a multi-disciplinary approach works. On one level, in order to optimise physical function you need to be able to move in your body as comfortably as possible with no — or little — pain, stiffness or imbalance.

Tanya teaches Rehabilitative Pilates. With her, we learn about our habits of movement and how not all of them are serving us well today. She shows us how to undo incorrect movement patterns and postures and re-programs our bodies so that we become aligned. But most of all we learn to be in control of our bodies rather than at the mercy of them. We practice letting go so that something new can happen.

Another aspect of Optimising Physical Function is internal alignment. This is when each organ of the body is working in harmony with all the others. The body has a huge capacity to heal itself or to make the most of any situation. It does it's very best to work well. If, for example, our digestive system is not functioning as well as it could be then that can actually throw off many other systems as they try to compensate and help. Our stomach can cramp and be uncomfortable after eating, over time affecting our immune system. This, in turn, can result in becoming sick more regularly and slower to heal. We may frequently feel tired and not want to exercise, with achy joints and less freedom of movement. This is where Gina, as a Naturopath, can assist. If you walk through her Door to Wellbeing she can help you slow down and improve your understanding of how the body works — among other things.

It just makes it a bit easier to relax. Have fun.