The Many Doors to Wellbeing — Part 2: The Body and Brain Connection

Another Door to Wellbeing is finding the connection between the brain and body.  All of our services at Body of Work can help with this.

Lisa is an experienced acupuncturist. Let's describe how the body's inbuilt communication system can be aided by placing thin needles into specific locations around your body (sounds scary, but it's not!).

The nervous system is made up of paths of cells designed to communicate with each other. They use chemical messengers to do this and actually create a small electrical current. This is how metal needles can help with the internal communication and unblock areas of congestion.

Western medical science has sought to interpret and explain Acupuncture — a founding pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM uses a different language to describe Acupuncture, saying that the needle works in the body to unblock ‘Qi’ to ensure the harmonious flow of energy, therefore optimising physical functioning, restoring health and ensuring wellbeing.

By now you may have noticed that all the things we're talking about to do with wellbeing are connected to each other. How you feel is related to how you move is related to how you eat is related to what you think is related to how you feel, which affects your thoughts — yes, the kind of talking we do to yourselves is a massive contributor to our sense of wellbeing. Beliefs and what we think … well, that's another part of this Door to Wellbeing. Athena, our Wellbeing Counsellor is experienced in helping you in this area.

Choosing any service at Body of Work will bring awareness to the brain-body connection. Book now!