The Many Doors to Wellbeing — Part 3: Being Kind to Yourself

Treating ourselves with kindness is a big subject. One that our team keeps coming back to through many different doors.

Ali is a Massage Therapist. Working with the skin and soft tissue of the body can feel good and restorative, other times it can feel a little temporarily uncomfortable as she releases tension in the muscles. Either way, it is a kindness to the body! But did you know that releasing tension in the body actually makes it easier to release stressful thoughts?

You probably know that by changing your thinking, or understanding, you can change how you feel about yourself — how happy you are. For example, if your self-talk is kind and supportive you are far more likely to feel loved, relaxed, hopeful and energised, more comfortable in your body and more optimistic about the future. Thoughts impact on feelings.

But it works the other way round as well. If you behave in a kind way then that impacts on your thinking and feelings of contentment. It's been scientifically proven that acts of kindness make people feel happier!

An act of self-kindness is taking care of the ‘whole you’. Body of Work can help you achieve this. Click here to get in touch to find out how!